Exclusive Live in Richmond, VA Tee & Pink Splatter Vinyl Bundle

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Music and merch bundle which includes the Live In Richmond Tee, and Live in Richmond Vinyl Pink / Black Splatter Vinyl.

The Live in Richmond Tee by Lamb of God features artwork inspired by their self titled album and celebrates Lamb of God's livestream concert event held September 18, 2020.

The Lamb of God Live in Richmond Vinyl Pink / Black Splatter Vinyl is a limited edition vinyl of only 300 units only available from the Lamb Of God European merch store.  It contains the following music from the Livestream event on September 18, 2020:


Side A:

  1. 1.Memento Mori (Live)
  2. 2.Checkmate (Live)
  3. 3.Gears (Live)
  4. 4.Reality Bath (Live)
  5. 5.New Colossal Hate (Live)

Side B:

  1. 1.Resurrection Man (Live)
  2. 2.Poison Dream (Live)
  3. 3.Routes (Live)
  4. 4.Bloodshot Eyes (Live)
  5. 5.On The Hook (Live)

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